casey kennedy practice drill

casey kennedy practice drill

Hello All!

Hope everyone has had an amazing winter break, and just as short as my introduction, my break was just as brief and we are now back into the swing of the Tournament Schedule!
As I write this, I’ve already competed in the first Symetra Event of the year in Beaumont, California. Making the cut in the first tournament of the year was important to me, and I am glad that I was able to compete on the third day. I wish I could have finished as strong as I did in my first two days, overcoming unfortunate and sometimes unlucky situations with a strong showing of birdies, but for the last day, I could not get those same shots to go in.

Now on any other given situation last year, I would have just called it a day after my round and thought about the next event to come, but this year, as I am focusing on becoming the player I want to be, I did something different, I went back to my hotel and did a mental survey of each and every hole that I played, both the good and the bad.

After my mental exercise, I came to the conclusion that there are things I need to work on, mostly focusing on putting in between tournaments, and if given the opportunity to go for the shots I know I can make with the proper club selection, to go for them, and believe in myself! This year, I really want to work on the things that I can control and accept those that I cannot, so with that mindset, having an awareness of good shots and missed opportunities, I hope, will make me a more complete player.

I would not have thought about going through all these tweaks and fixes in making my game better had I just jumped into the professional world at the LPGA level last year. The above coupled with the advice I got from a dear individual, who hosted me last year during the 3rd Stage of the LPGA Q-School, was that it may not have been a bad thing at all that instead of having made it all the way to the LPGA in my first year, I now have full-time status on the Symetra Tour. In her words, “having spoken to previous players of years past that played on the Symetra Tour, this ‘isn’t the same Symetra she (the player) knew back then, it has become very competitive and the level of play has definitely increased to a very high level,’ so giving yourself some time on this tour is more than likely the best thing you could do for yourself.”

Looking at this year ahead, I definitely agree with my host, and in reality, having jumped straight into the LPGA may have been a dream, but who knows if I would have performed as well as I could have without the experience I am gaining at this level of competition. So with that, I am more than excited for this upcoming year on the Symetra Tour. And as a 24 year old player who has made her way from part-time to full-time status just as I planned on doing last year, as long as I can give myself as many opportunities as possible to succeed and put my heart into this game day in and day out, I will have no regrets at the end of the year.

Note: I have to thank Jose for helping me get to California, and if it weren’t for his graciousness, I wouldn’t have been able to make it out here, so thanks Jose! Also, many thanks to Biion Footwear for your sponsorship, the shoes really are a dream, and function just as well as they look! Lastly, thanks to my donors, fans and my business team for helping me navigate this interesting, yet new world of professional golf!



Casey Kennedy Symetra TourCasey Kennedy is a hard working and talented rookie based in Venice, Florida playing toward her LPGA card on the Symetra Tour and State Open Events across the US.

Casey is in the first days of what we think will be a long and successful career in professional golf.

You can support Casey Kennedy with a donation of any size on her fundraising page. Follow Casey Kennedy’s progress online via her Twitter account @CaseyKGolf, Instagram @CaseyKGolf and on Facebook.

See all of Casey’s updates on on one page.


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