I have been commissioned to shoot The Links and The Cliffs courses at Cabot Links twice in the last two years. It’s one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever had the privilege of shooting. Both times I visited I spent a week because the weather on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia where Cabot Links is located can be so variable, I had to allow for days I could not shoot. However, the variable weather can allow for capturing some dramatic images, which I was able to do on several of the days.

The aerial image I captured of the 16th hole at Cabot Cliffs on my first visit has become one of the most popular and frequently used by Cabot in all their marketing efforts.

Evan Schiller - 16th Hole Cabot Cliffs - WomensGolf.com
16th Hole Cabot Cliffs by Evan Schiller
Evan Schiller at Cabot Links WomensGolf.com
Evan Schiller capturing the beautiful Cabot Links

I used an Inspire 1 & 2 drone to capture aerial images and when shooting from the ground a Hasselblad H6D-50.

Evan Schiller - 2nd Hole Cabot Cliffs
2nd Hole Cabot Cliffs by Evan Schiller

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Evan has been involved with golf in one way or another since he was 5 years old, which is when he began playing. Before he became a professional photographer he played tournament golf as both an amateur and professional up until his early thirties. Always with a keen interest in photography, his journey as a professional photographer started on a fairway at PGA WEST in La Quinta, California. It was there while walking down a fairway in the early morning and admiring the beauty surrounding him that he decided he needed to begin bringing a camera with him. Although still as a hobby, he began taking photographs on almost every trip thereafter he made to play a tournament.

Several years later while working at Westchester Country Club as an assistant professional one of his colleagues suggested he sell his photos in the pro shop…which he did. And, the rest, as they say, is history.

25 years later he’s photographed over 600 championship golf courses worldwide. During that time he’s captured images of some of the most recognized courses around the world, including Pebble Beach Golf Links, Augusta National Golf Club, The Old Course at St. Andrews, Royal County Down in Ireland and most recently at Cabot Cliffs and Cabot Links.

Armed with a Hasselblad H6D-50 (one of the most advanced medium format cameras on the market today), he makes creative use of technology that includes ladders, lifts, and helicopters to capture some of his most iconic images. He also incorporates drone photography into his practice to find those unique aerial shots that showcase the artful design of a hole and its connection to a broader landscape, always with the intention of bringing a fresh perspective to every project.

Be sure to visit Evan’s website at evanschillerphotography.com and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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