Womens Golf Business and Advertising

“I have had several international sales I believe as a result of you putting my banner ad in this last newsletter.  Thank you!!”
Kathy Nyman RainGirlGolf

WomensGolf.com is the fastest growing online magazine for LPGA pro tour fans and golfers of all ages. We have more than 150,000 highly engaged social media followers, a respected and fast growing opt-in monthly newsletter, and a responsive website focused on high-quality images and videos.

At least 550,000 people in the US and around the world read our articles or watch our video posts every month.

Partnerships with WomensGolf.com are a unique opportunity to connect your golf related brand, products, and services with our US and international audience.

‘WomensGolf.com brought to you by…’

Own WomensGolf.com for a month.

This is a unique program where your business becomes the sole advertiser on WomensGolf.com. No other paid advertising or promotion will be run for other businesses during that period.
All our advertising positions on the site (banners and sidebars) and all our social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) will refer to your business. The Women’s Golf newsletter will also be used to promote your business.
We can use your marketing material or our expert design team will produce all the necessary banners and social posts for you (with your approval).
Effectively, it will mean that across all our channels the message is that ‘WomensGolf.com is brought to you by ______________
The advantage to you as the advertiser is that all other commercial messaging is removed from the site and womensgolf.com will assume your branding for the entire period. You can use this opportunity to promote your brand and contact details or highlight specific products and services you offer.
The advantage to our audience is that without different commercial messages across our site and social media we will have a cleaner more uniform, less noisy appearance. This gives our visitors a better browsing experience.
The monthly rate will vary according to the time of year and length of commitment. For more information, email Jane at info@womensgolf.com or send in the form below.