Although she is only 18 years old, Brooke Henderson has already featured many times on as she has quickly risen through the Symetra Tour and LPGA ranks to win her first major championship.

Brooke’s LPGA tour 2016 statistics, including an average driving distance of 268.66 yards.

With the help of some professional analysis from our friends at SwingSlingsGolf, we can learn how Brooke’s unique golf swing generates such explosive power.

Brooke Henderson Swing Analysis

Long-hitting Canadian golfer Brooke Henderson shows great use of the ground for power.

  • Brooke has nice high hands at the top creating a wide arc.
  • Her left wrist moves towards extension and right wrist towards flexion prior to impact.
  • This under flip release pattern is used by many women, and juniors to help get the ball in the air with enough loft on the face.

Brooke’s competitive drive, created by her participation in lots of sports, laser-like focus, and immense passion for the game are traits that give her a mental edge on many of her competitors.

Takeaway: Keep it fun as a junior, play as many sports as possible and build a passion for the game. Brooke’s enthusiasm and athletic ability catapult her to the top of LPGA Tour leaderboards week in, and week out.

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