Our latest Girls Golf star of the future is the remarkable Brianna Castaldi (‘Bri-zee’) from Florida. Brianna is a determined and talented 10-year-old who started playing when her dad, Randy temporarily lost his sight five years ago. She dreams of following Stacy Lewis onto the LPGA and reaching the World #1 spot, and she has an obvious passion for other sports and caring for animals.

  • Brianna Castaldi – Girls Golf Feature
  • Brianna Castaldi – Girls Golf Feature
  • Brianna Castaldi – Girls Golf Feature
  • Brianna Castaldi – Girls Golf Feature

Hi Brianna, it is a pleasure to catch up with you. We really love your Instagram, the photos and videos there are spectacular. Do you remember what made you start playing golf? 
I started golf when my Daddy went blind from diabetes. We were on the golf course watching him play when he said he couldn’t see the flag on a par 3. We didn’t know he had diabetes and he went blind for 74 days, then slowly started getting his sight back. After the 2nd day, he couldn’t see at all and I went to my mom and said, “Mom, I’m going to be Daddy’s eyes.” She said, “Awhhhh, are you going to help him around the house?” I said, “No, I’m going to play golf because Daddy can’t and I’m going to be the best golfer in the world.” I was 5 yrs old.

You are lucky to be in a really great family who love golf – your Mom, Wendy is your caddy and it was your Dad who wrote and told us about what a super player you were.
My Mom and Dad have always helped me with my golf. Mom went to Keiser University for Golf so she can really help me improve.

I play at Monarch Country Club in Palm City. We are all members there. I love playing at Monarch because it is challenging and the greens are in great condition. It was designed by Arnold Palmer.

Castaldi FamilyOur wonderful daughter Brianna is a straight A student who absolutely loves school. After playing 18 holes she loves to go swimming, play basketball, or goes to the gym. She is very athletic & loves all sports. When it’s football season you will find Brianna glued to the tv watching her favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles, & she won’t miss one game! 
Brianna is also a HUGE animal lover, which is what is driving her to work so hard to succeed. Since the age of 6 her goal is to get on the LPGA Tour & start a foundation to help abused animals. She is a very hard working, determined, dedicated young lady with the biggest heart. We couldn’t be more proud of her. We know that no matter what she ends up doing, she will be successful doing it.
Wendy and Randy Castaldi

Your Mom says that your beautiful swing comes from the lessons you’ve had since you started playing golf. Who is your coach?
I get lessons from Sherri Pla at Palm Beach Gardens Golf Course. She’s great, I love having Sherri as my teacher.

Sherri Pla“It is a pleasure for me to be training such a talented junior golfer”. She has a bright future ahead of her, and it is an honor to have the responsibility to mold her and assist in the process of getting her to reach her full potential”.  
Sherri Pla – PGA Professional Palm Beach Gardens Golf Course

You love all sports but what do you like most about golf?
What I love about golf is the challenge of getting that little ball into that little hole and having to start from so far away. I also love meeting kids from all over the world. I have made a lot of great friends like Zoey Inglesias over the past couple years.

I’m guessing from seeing all your great photos that you like hitting long shots best. What is your favorite club?
My favorite club is my 3 Wood because I get great ball flight and most of the time I hit it very well. I am more accurate with my 3 wood than any other club.

Brianna with her friend, Zoey Inglesias
Brianna with her friend, Zoey Inglesias

Who is your favorite LPGA star? 
My favorite player is Stacy Lewis because she is a fighter, one of the best on tour, and she is very nice. She sent me a video wishing me the best in my golf career. I really hope to meet her one day and maybe we can even play golf.

Well, if you keep practicing and enjoying your golf, you may be playing against Stacy one day – which would be fantastic. Thank you for telling us all about yourself – we look forward to following your progress on Instagram.


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