In this article I describe the two balance related issues that golfers struggle with regardless of skill level, and how you can overcome these struggles with simple drills using just your body.

Having played and worked with some of the best golfers in the world, and been on the lesson tee with many top-100 instructors, I’ve come to this simple conclusion: Golf is simply moving in balance to create the shot you want.

Struggle 1: Moving in Balance

Most recreational golfers have a hard time synchronizing their upper and lower body when they want to hit the ball at full-throttle speeds. When you’re in balance, you can swing at your quickest; when you’re out of balance, your subconscious spends energy figuring out how not to fall down instead of making contact with the ball!

Lots of golfers finish off balance on their front foot:

Tiffany Faucette Womens Golf

Balance begins with posture. Naturally, everyone wants a balanced finish … but if you set up in a balanced position, you’ll quickly realize how much easier it is to swing correctly.

So, to finish your golf swing in a strong, balanced position remember these three things:

1At address, flare your front foot.

2On the downswing, shift your weight.

3Once you feel the majority of your weight on the front leg, turn to a full finish.

Struggle 2: Lack of Body Awareness

Good golfers understand how their bodies move throughout the swing, and they have a feel for where the clubhead is during the swing. As a novice player, I used to hate it when my teacher asked me, “What did that swing feel like?” I had no idea – all my swings felt the same to me! I had no body awareness because I was always trying to move as fast as I could. Certainly, it was fun watching the ball go far … when I didn’t whiff, that is!

Only after years of playing professionally did I learn the benefit of moving slowly. Moving slowly in practice heightens your body awareness and allows you the chance to feel the weight of the club head. Of course, you won’t hit it far if you swing slowly – but moving slowly will actually show you the sequence of how you to swing when you swing fast. This is a basic tenet of my teaching: train slow to swing fast!

Tiffany Faucette Golf Channel VideoThe full video of this lesson on how to achieve a strong, balanced finish is available on the Golf Channel; I call it “Finish Like an Olympian!


Final Thoughts
Why is everyone mesmerized by the Olympic Games? I think it’s because we all love watching great athletes and how they move. And moving with power and balance just happens to be the key to hitting great golf shots. I wish you balanced swing and center strikes!

Tiffany Faucette golf instruction womens golfAfter playing college golf at Florida State University, Tiffany Faucette rose to the number-one ranked Titleist/Golfweek amateur then competed professionally in every major tour, including the LGPA, Symetra Tour, European Tour, Canadian Tour and Asian Tour. In addition, Tiffany played in the U.S. Women’s Open and the McDonald’s Championship.

Tiffany views her professional experience as the lead-up to what she considers her real passion, teaching, and proudly holds multiple certifications and awards, including PGA and LGPA Class A Teaching Professional; LPGA Teaching and Course Professionals2014 LGPA Teacher of the Year/NE Section; LPGA Global Education Team Member (2015, 2016); GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional (2015, 2016), and Best in Loudoun (2015, 2016).

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