Have you ever tried to hold your balance while standing on one leg with your eyes closed? If you are like most people, staying in balance proves to be a challenge. The harder and faster you swing the more difficult it is to maintain your balance in golf. So it goes without saying that balance is something we want to pay attention to. When we create movement (the golf swing), we should be able to control it.

It all starts when we set-up to the ball, making sure we are grounded to the earth. The greatest ball strikers and longest hitters on tour do this perfectly. They understand that in order to generate the speed and consistency that’s required, being in balance from the very beginning is essential.

Like most young golfers growing up I wanted to hit the ball a great distance, I was enamored with the idea of hitting long drives. However, I was setting myself up for failure without knowing it right from the start. Something I tackle first with all of my students is make sure that their set-up to the ball is balanced well enough to commence the golf swing. Taking care of it early on will make their journey of becoming the best golfers they can be that much simpler and quicker.

Young Layla demonstrates the do’s and don’ts of setting up to the ball. Very simply, grab a balance board and stand on it. Taking your setup position start rocking back and forth until you find the correct balance required before starting your golf swing.

1What we want to avoid is too much weight on our toes.

2Or too much weight favoring the heels.
How Important is Balance in Golf 3

3The goal is to stand on top of the board and make sure it’s directly under the balls of your feet.

A great golf swing begins with a great set-up, no argument there. Distance comes as a result of how we use the ground to our advantage. When it comes to junior golfers it’s incredibly important to pay close attention to starting in a balanced position and maintaining that balance throughout the golf swing. Allowing us to deliver the clubhead to the ball more consistently on a proper plane and ensuring solid contact. You’ll be gaining distance with all your clubs soon enough.


Marvin SangüesaMarvin Sangüesa is a PGA Professional Golf Coach based at the Joey D Golf Performance Center in Jupiter, Florida.
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