Amy Walsh from Queensland, Australia is a fast rising star on the ALPG Tour ready to follow Minjee Lee and the other Aussie pros to success on the Ladies European Tour and LPGA. We recently caught up with ‘Walshy‘, as her friends call her, for a quick-fire Q&A.

Amy, how did you get into golf?
My Dad got me into golf by signing me up for junior clinics when I was around 7 because he wanted me to play with him but I’m not sure that he expected me to go this far with it! I went to watch the Australian Ladies Masters at Royal Pines and I loved the atmosphere of the event, which made me want to be a part of it. I was 10 when I got my first handicap.

The Queensland Gold Coast is a great golfing area like Florida in the USA. Where’s your home base?
I do most of my practice at my home course, Southport Golf Club on the Gold Coast. It has great facilities including a large chipping and pitching area, which I think is the hardest thing to find on the coast. The staff and members always seem happy to see me which is a plus! And along with the scenery on the course, the greens also roll quick and true.

I am coached by David Nable at Lakelands Golf Club. I met David through the Golf Program at Robina State High School where I was attending and he was coaching. I’ve been working with him for around 5 years now and I really like his style of teaching.

What are you working on with your game at the moment?
I’m always working on little things with my swing and trying to tighten up my short game but my biggest change at the moment is my gym work. I’ve had a few months off from heavy physical training due to tightness in my back but over the last few weeks I’ve been able to get back into it, with gym sessions 3 times a week. I’ve been enjoying it so far, possibly because the novelty hasn’t quite worn off yet but I always feel better over the ball when I know I’ve been lifting some weights.

What do you love most about golf?
I think that you can always improve no matter how good you get. I like the fact that even at the top level there are so many different ways to play the game. The world number one and the world number two can have completely different styles and I think that’s a lot more prominent in golf than most other sports.

Nice answer, that is so true. Tell us about your best sporting experience ever?
I was fortunate enough to represent Australia in the Youth Olympic Festival in 2013 and I was selected to be a flag bearer for the Olympic flag at the opening ceremony. I was with 5 other athletes, all from different sports and we carried out the flag in front of everyone from all different countries. That’s something that not many people get to do and something that I think my Mum still likes to tell people about!

Do you have a favorite shot or strategy?
I love hitting driver as far as I can and going for par fives in 2. I don’t like to lay up if I can help it- something I haven’t matured out of yet! I also love hitting flop shots, which is probably a good thing when you go for every par 5 in 2.

Amy Walsh womens golf sand shotWho is your favorite player and why?
My favourite players are probably the girls I’ve been lucky enough to become friends with so far. Ali Whitaker, Beth Allen, Flic Johnson, Sarah Kemp and Hannah Burke are always up for a laugh and I can always ask for any advice if I need to. When I’m not sticking up for them I always want Jordan Spieth to win, now that Tiger isn’t around much.

Amy Walsh womens golf puttingTell our readers a little bit about what it’s like playing on the Australian Ladies Professional Golf (ALPG) Tour ?
Most of the ALPG season runs over the first few months of the year and it has a mixture of pro-ams and more major events, some of which are co-sanctioned with other tours.

The atmosphere at the events is so friendly amongst all the players, whilst obviously being competitive. ALPG Executive Director, Karen Lunn and Operations Manager, Jen Johnson do a really great job of running the events and are always only too happy to help, especially if any international players need any advice. The tour is growing every year and the calendar includes the Vic Open, which is the only event where men and women play alongside each other so it’s becoming a pretty widely talked about tournament.

That’s for sure – the Vic Open is a model format for the other tours. What are your playing goals this year?
This year, my main goal is to gain a card for the Ladies European Tour. I’ll be playing the LET Access series this season and the top 5 players at the end of the year get a full card for the 2017 LET season. Otherwise, I’ll head to Morocco in December for Tour School to try and gain a card that way.

Thank you Amy – It’s going to be great fun for our readers to watch your progress in Europe this year – Enjoy your travels and GOOD LUCK!

Stay up to date with Amy Walsh on her website and by following @AmyWalshgolf on Twitter and Instagram.

Photos by David Burness at Kinetic Images


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