We first came across 8 year old Addy Chivers from Lakeland, Florida in a photo with her friend, and one of our favorite LPGA stars, Christina Kim. Addy is a big Instagram star with over 24,500 followers who enjoy the golf and dance photos and videos posted by her mom, Melissa. Addy is also a participant in the wonderful LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Program.


  • Addy Chivers – First Tee Lakeland & LPGA Girls Golf
  • Addy Chivers – First Tee Lakeland & LPGA Girls Golf
  • Addy Chivers – First Tee Lakeland & LPGA Girls Golf
  • Addy Chivers – First Tee Lakeland & LPGA Girls Golf

Addy, we can see that you really love golf and you have got such a headstart being so young. What made you want to start playing?
My Daddy was a golf pro and I always wanted to be like him. I would wear his golf shoes and use his clubs when I was 2 and 3 years old to look like him. I was 4 when I started hitting balls and my dad said it was just to make contact.

I started getting lessons playing more often when I turned 8. I finished 3rd in the Drive, Chip and Putt this year. I turn 9 in July. I want to play at the University of Georgia when I go to college and my big goal is to play on the LPGA tour.

Where do you play and what do you like about your course?
I mostly play at The First Tee of Lakeland because my teacher is there and the course is short enough for me to make some pars. I usually shoot 34 on a par 31 for my age. I almost had a hole in one when I was 7 there.

Addy Chivers – First Tee Lakeland & LPGA Girls Golf

We live near Southern Dunes Golf Club and I love going up there and listening to the people there cheering me on when I hit balls and practice. But I really love having a Shirley Temple with extra cherries after we finish our practicing at Southern Dunes.

What do you enjoy most about golf?
I love dressing up with Daddy and having matching outfits. I also love that Daddy and I cheer all the good and bad shots. We have our own handshake. Bad shots are a learning opportunity. I think I hit my driver the best but I also love bunker shots even though Daddy says I shouldn’t be in the bunker to begin with.

You have such a great swing Addy. Tell us about your teacher.
I take lessons from Miss Suzanne at The First Tee of Lakeland. She is great, I love her. She makes it so much fun and I learn a lot from her.

I also hit balls every day in the garage at home with my Dad and we play a game where we play the whole course in our heads and he tells me where the balls end up after I hit them and then I have to make the next shot off of where he says it is.

Addy Chivers – First Tee Lakeland & LPGA Girls Golf

Suzanne WalkerAddy is a true natural and a joy to coach. Her fun-loving, yet competitive spirit will take her wherever the links may lead.
 Suzanne Walker-LiljequistFirst Tee Lakeland

I know that you been to some big tournaments and met the stars. Who are your favorite players?
My favorite boy golfer is Bubba Watson because he plays with a pink driver and he went to University of Georgia. My favorite girl golfers are Christina Kim and Morgan Pressel. Christina Kim is my bestie and we talk all the time about golf. Christina is so much fun and always gives me a big hug and we text back and forth about everything. I love sending her pictures of my medals that I win

I just met Morgan Pressel in Ocala and she was so nice. She made me so happy when she said, “I know you. You are the little girl with the great golf swing”. It made me happy to hear that, and Daddy too. I want to be like Morgan one day and give so much back to charity and golf.

I hope to play with Christina and Morgan one day on the LPGA tour. I love them both!