Hit it Farther at Home Drill

Improve your golf game in your bathroom! Debbie O'Connell shares a drill to make your backswing even better so you can hit the ball farther and more consistently.

Junior Golfers, Get Better vs Get Scholarship

Stop for a few seconds and ask yourself this question, are you playing golf because you really want to get better at golf or because you want to get a scholarship to play in college?

‘Change’ Up Your Putting

If you feel like your putts aren’t rolling in, this great drill by Dr. Alison Curdt helps pure your putts and gets you feeling confident you can roll the rock in the hole!

The 2020 LPGA Priority List

Tony Jesseli has the LPGA Priority List for season 2020. The list is used to decide eligibility for most LPGA full-field events and where a player sits determines if she will get into the field each week.

How to Hit Your Hybrid

Maria Palozola demonstrates the benefits of hybrid clubs. While they may take some getting used to, for many golfers hybrids take all the best benefits of fairway woods and irons and morph them together for an easier to hit and more player forgiving club.

The Golf Specific Warm Up Routine

Karen Palacios-Jansen's workout warms up your muscles so that you're able to make a better turn and hit that first shot really great off the tee. It helps elongate your muscles, gives you flexibility and rehearses moves you use in the golf swing.

This Week in Women's Golf

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